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Forsythia Plants at Highland Hill Farm

We grow and sell a number of plants such as forsythia. The forsythia is generally described as a perennial shrub. We can supply rooted cuttings , seedlings, transplants, or large balled and burlaped specimens. We will deliver and we will plant them for you if needed. We currently have thousands of trees and shrubs growing in the fields at our Milan Pa. farms and 2500 at our Doylestown Pa. farms. If we do not grow the variety that you want, we may be able to locate it for you.

Do you need help in planning or selecting a shrub? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have Jamie Hirst our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo. Call him at 215 768 9229.

We also raise over 10 types of Viburnums on our farms from seedlings to 5' shrubs. We propagate many from cuttings. If you have poor soils due to compacting from construction, try viburnums. Being rugged and hardy, they perform where other plants fail. We have plants from seedlings to 5' shrubs.

In the Tyrolean Alps, okay, the southern "Alps Mountains" includes a region named Tyrol, a glacier-preserved 5,300-year old "ice-mummy" was found in 1991. This prehistoric man was preserved better than any other specimen ever found. What an incredible discovery. He was just lying there in the snow of the Hauslabjoch Pass on a warm September day when two hiking tourists saw his head. He had a bow of Evergreen Yew wood and arrows with shafts of Rosewood. There was even a stone arrowhead of flint, the hardened dark quartz, an axehead, and what seemed to be a medicine kit in a box of wood from a Birch tree. Birch is a popular landscaping tree with many varieties. How 'bout that, all these trees which are mentioned, we sell at Highland Hill Farm!

Where we invite our customers to explore for Indian artifacts, hunt, fish, camp, etc., maybe you can get lucky too. We have 5 properties, totalling 1100 acres, near the town of Milan, Pa, on the western side of Susquehanna River in rural Bradford County. From Highland Hill Farm it is about a two-hour drive if you'll please obey the speed limits. America's prehistoric residents and later Native American Indians used straight branches from Arrowwood Viburnums, as the name implies, to make their arrows' shafts. Did you ever wonder at what point in their growth the outside of thin tree boughs and twigs develop bark and become wood? When do little seedling's stems, their "mini-trunks," grow up enough to develop bark and become wood? How thick does a green wispy thin twig have to become before it's a branch of wood? The answer is, generally, at about a half-inch diameter. In fact, that is just about the diameter of the Alpine Iceman's arrows.

The greatest find since the discovery of the Neanderthal Neandertal) Man and the Cro-Magnon Man in France was barely a few feet over the Italian side of the border with Austria resting at an altitude of 10,500 feet. A total of four books, two books popular enough to become paperbacks, have since been written about "Oetzi," or "Otzi," as the ice-mummy has been named. Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier, by Brenda Fowler, was published in 2000. The Man in the Ice was published in 1995, by Konrad Spindler, the local archaeologist brought in when it became obvious a modern-day murder victim hadn't been found. His book was updated in 2001. Two children's books have also been published to help develop their interest in historical science as something they'll find "current," and not "boring." The intense study of the "ice-mummy" yielding all the detailed information for these books was performed at Innsbruck University, and the body is now on display at the museum in Bolzano, Italy.

Do you see it? The point here is that when you plant trees and shrubs you aren't just creating aesthetics, adding beauty, as implied by "ornamental" in so many of the names. You aren't just adding a wind break or privacy screen. You are, in fact, giving your property additional natural resources.

After all the hours spent on this, and the !%^&@$*%#! Are/but/a/vitae, I need a break.

On our farms we raise and sell nursery stock from seedlings to large caliber trees. We also offer infomation on the web ABOUT SEEDLINGS , and how to CARE for seedlings and nursery stock. If you buy your seedling from us you will have access to the free use of our planters.We have three types available for use and have had years of experience in planting seedlings. Our PLANTING EQUIPMENT is located in Doylestown and Milan Pa. We are dedicated to helping you with your plant needs. You will find ARTICLES we have written to help you and explain how we do what we do. We will be glad to assist you. We welcome everyone to come to our farm, if we have time we will give you a tour and show you how we built up our nursery. There are no trade secrets to our operation and we feel that in helping you we will become sharper ourselves. Our phone number is 215 651 8329.

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    Do you need help in planning or selecting a Viburnum? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have Jamie Hirst our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo. Call him at 215 768 9229 Just let us know
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