White Pine Trees

We have hundreds of white pine trees from small seedlings to large caliper trees ready for you to load and go. We have thousands of them in the field which we can dig!!!We sell pine seedlings in bulk (bare rooted) or in pots, or field dug landscape ready sized trees. We also can deliver to you or deliver and plant.

Our White Pine Trees

The Eastern white pine tree(Pinus strobus) is also known as the northern white pine. The White pine is a valuable trees in Eastern North America. At one time there were virgin stands of these pine trees which contained billions of feet of lumber. Most of those vast stands are gone. Luckily, since it is one of the fastest growing northern conifers, it is being used as a tree for reforestation projects, landscaping, screening, buffering and Christmas trees. Thus, today, it is one of the more widely planted evergreens in American trees.

Planting White Pine Trees

White Pine Whenever I think of white pines, I remember hunting when I was a kid and standing near trees that were giants. Now every pine tree I plant, I can envision those days in the deep woods near our farm and those grand trees and hope someone else will have that same enjoyment as I had. These trees will help you too in establishing a desired vision to your landscape.. Our gain privacy

Beyond their size, white pines trees also fill important ecological niches. They grow across wide ranges of forest and planting conditions, finding much of America to their liking.

Our 6 ft White Pines
Our 6 ft White Pines.

White Pine trees need protection from hungry deer.

Our 7 ft White Pines

Our 7 ft White Pines.
Our 8+ ft White Pines

Our 8+ ft White Pines.

This is our Small Dwarf Globular White Pine known as 'Blue Shag'