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Evergreen Grow Plugs

We offer a line of transplants in seedling trays. These one year old seedlings have well branched roots and healthy tops. These can be planted directly in the field or in pots. Size range of these plants are from 3-8 ". These make excellent grafting stock if they are planted in pots and grown for one season. We ship in 51 per variety in cell trays. Our prices include regular UPS and Fed Ex charges with packing and handling included.( Less than full trays lots are available email us for a price or call 215 345 0946.)

Price per plant

Full trays only

1/10 trays$2.26 per
11/49 trays$1.42 per
50+ trays$1.03 per

Varieties available

Concolor Fir
Balsam Fir
Eastern Red cedar
Norway Spruce
White Spruce
Black Hills Spruce
Meyer Spruce
Serbian Spruce
Oriental Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce

(avial. In full tray units only)
Bristle Cone Spruce
Jeffery Pine
Mugo Pine
Dwarf Mugo Pine
Austrian Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Red Pine
Border Pine
Eastern White Pine
Scotch Pine
Lacebark Pine
Canadian Hemlock
Douglas Fir
(avial. In full tray units only)