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    Chamaecyparis Plants Available At Highland Hill Farm

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    We have available 20 different types of Chamaecyparis plants at Highland Hill Farm. Although most often associated with ornamental landscapes, Chamaecyparis plants are used to good advantage in gardens as specimen trees or foundation plantings providing attractive decoration the year round. This feature of year round interest is complimented by a wide range of forms and colors which are available.

    There are 5 species of Chamaecyparis that we sell at Highland Hill Farm. Lawson's False Cypress,Alaskan Cedar,Hinoki Cypress, Sawara Cypress, and Atlantic White Cedar. These plants in general grow well in moist well drained soils. Avoid areas were there is a dry wind.

    New strains and cultivars are being developed all the time, so we shall offer more interesting possibilities for our garden customers in the near future. with your needs.