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Hetz Columnar Juniper Juniperus chinensis "Hetz Columnar"

Junipers available at Highland Hill Farm:

  • Juniper Procumbens Nana
  • Blue Chip Juniper (Bright Blue Color)
  • Blue Star Juniper (This is my favorite juniper)
  • Blue Rug Juniper
  • Gold Coast Juniper
  • Blue Pacific Juniper
  • Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' Staked upright
  • Sea Green Juniper
  • Hetzi Blue Juniper
  • Gold ConeOur Gold Cone Junipers
  • Gold Lace
  • Gold Star
  • San Hose
  • Var. San Hose
  • Sargentii Glauca
  • Sargentii Virdis
  • Mother Lode
  • Blue Point
  • Blue Pfitzer
  • Gold tip Pfitzer
  • Hollywood
  • Varigated Procumbens
  • Moon Glow
  • Compact Andora Juniper
  • Wichita Blue Juniper
  • Bar Harbor Juniper
  • Plumosa Aurea
  • Robusta Green
  • Spartan
  • Torulosa
  • Parsonii
  • Green Sargent
  • Holgers

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    Highland Hill Farm welcomes you to our store for the purchase of seedlings. Order seedlings from us. Call us to discuss your seedling needs. We help the beginners to find the best seedlings and we offer advice on types to buy for those who want to start to grow seedling. On our farms we raise and sell nursery stock from seedlings to large caliber trees. We also offer information on the web About Seedlings , and how to Care for seedlings and nursery stock. If you buy your seedling from us you will have access to the free use of our planters.We have three types available for use and have had years of experience in planting seedlings. Our Planting Equipment is located in Doylestown and Milan Pa. We are dedicated to helping you with your plant needs. You will find Articles we have written to help you and explain how we do what we do. We will be glad to assist you. We welcome everyone to come to our farm, if we have time we will give you a tour and show you how we built up our nursery. There are no trade secrets to our operation and we feel that in helping you we will become sharper ourselves. Our phone number is 215 651 8329.

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    We assist with seedlings, liners, potted plants, rooted cuttings .....evergreen and well as supply large trees and shrubs that we grow. Contact us for seedling, as well as full size plants, hollies, arbs, arborvitae, nursery stock at wholesale prices, trees, plants, shrubs, maples, oaks, lindens, viburnums, ornamental, burning bushes, wetland plants, native plants, Christmas trees, white pine trees, Norway spruce, white spruce, flowering trees, hollies, shade loving, deer resistant plants, hosta, spirea, arborvitae, tree growing suggestions,tree grower supplies, shade trees. We also offer arrowhead hunting on some of our fields, fishing,& hunting camping.We are a family run operation and like to keep busy.

    Thanks, Bill Hirst