We grow and sell a number of viburnums. We can supply you one viburnum or supply them by the thousands. We are in process of setting up a wholesale viburnum operation for cut flowers as well as viburnums for the landscape trade and retail users. We can supply rooted cuttings , seedlings, transplants, or large balled and burlaped specimens. We will deliver and we will plant them for you if needed. We currently have 10,000 viburnums growing in the fields at our Milan Pa. farms and 2500 at our Doylestown Pa. farms. If we do not grow the variety that you want, we may be able to locate it for you.

Do you need help in planning or selecting a Viburnum? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have Jamie Hirst our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo. Our 5 ft Cranberry Viburnums
We raise over 10 types of Viburnums on our farms from seedlings to 5' shrubs. We propagate many from cuttings. If you have poor soils due to compacting from construction, try viburnums. Being rugged and hardy, they perform where other plants fail. We have plants from seedlings to 5' shrubs.