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Wilson Ranch: North of Malta Mt.

Wilson Ranch Entrance

Malta was one of the very first small towns I ever saw in Montana. During my first visit to Montana in 2002 I visited this area of Montana just to see a small ranch that I had purchased there over the Internet. I traveled extensively on the dirt and back roads that exist in the Malta area and was impressed with the big sky, rolling hills and abundant wildlife along the Milk River.

When hunting at our Wilson Ranch, Malta will be the only nearby town. Malta is about 3-4 hours north of Billings. The roads from Billings to Malta are all paved and fairly flat so if you want to travel as if it is an autobahn, then it may only be 2.5 hours from Billings!!!

Our Wilson Ranch is 15 minutes north of Malta off 191.

View of map of our Wilson Ranch

View of our Wilson Ranch



View of our Wilson Ranch

Owners of the Wilson Ranch....Don and James Hirst Wilson Ranch

View of Mule Deer feeding on Wilson Ranch

v View of Mule Deer feeding on hay bales at the  Wilson Ranch

Sections of our private lands on the Wilson Ranch north of Malta Mt.