Willow Trees and Shrubs at Highland Hill Farm

This is How We Start our Small Weeping Willows... by don146



Now I don't want to tell you that I believe in the para-normal or UFOs. That would be a mistake. But I did believe in John Siewert. John was a local that had a saw mill and a small excavation business in Ottsville Pa.. This is a sleepy back woods section of Bucks County a few miles from my farm. Whenever someone needed a site cleared or excavated, John was the man. He almost looked like Santa for he sported a white beard and was , well, slightly overweight and had a gift. John could find water. He was a dowser. I had John locate a well for me. It came in at over 100 gallons per minute. He then told me that the Willow is a deceiving tree. With its graceful weeping form, one feels a sense of spiritual power from the Willows. The flexible branches and supple texture yields a devine power. From the Willow comes the active ingrediant in aspirin, which shows scientific proof of the tree's healing power. For the willow this energy is turned towards finding its love, water. It's known that Willows are naturally found throughout America. They are a tree like cedars that invade damaged and disturbed landscapes. Commonly, willows are found along bodies of water, streams, lakes and ponds. They thrive on wet water logged soils.Willows are probably the fastest growing trees in America.The Willow is great for landscaping or garden projects, and they can be used in reforestation plantings! Why? Because this tree grows very fast! Average first year growth can be 8 feet depending on the variety, and we have had people tell us they have had up to 12 in the first year! In stabilizing an area, they open the way for slower growing trees to inhabit an area. This quite graceful tolerance of willows belies their intrusive nature that is so strong in its desire for water, that dowsers like John could harness its devine power in locating water. Put the power of willows in your back yard!!!

Our Field Grown Weeping Willow Trees