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Red Osier Dogwood

The Redosier Dogwood is a popular dogwood used often by designers in really cool winter displays. It is primary used because of the nice red bark and the fact that this plant does not grow out of control making it a low maintance plant. However it does require some pruning to keep it looking full but by no means does it require major surgury!! It has a nice simple leaf that adds a lush green in a landscape.

We grow the Redosier dogwood in pots because it makes them easier to move. I can remember one time my father order a hundred tags for them and gave them to me to put on the plants. I did not want to do this because we were to hold them until the fall to sell at the store so that the red twigs could be seen.Being on the plant through the spring and summer would fade the colors on the tags. We sell many Redosier dogwoods in the fall because customers see the redness of the bark and they must have one in their yards!! So I hide the tags by stashing them away in one of the sheds. About three months go by and it is time to pull them out but there was not a single tag on them to be seen. So I go back to the shed to find the tags but I forgot where I hide them. Oh no! Well, I search what felt like forever and I gave up. My dad was awefully upset at me. I did not find the tag until a year later when I was search for other tags of a viburnum that I did the same thing with. Oh well, better start learning from my mistakes. Do me a favor, don't tell my dad I found those stinkin' tags.