Prices Of White Pine Seedlings and Trees

Transplants 9-12 inch 4.00 ea (Ask For Qty Prices)
Transplants 12-15 inch $5.00 ea (Ask For Qty Prices)

#3 pots.......1-9 plants.................$30
5-6 ft B&B pines $175
6-7 ft B&B pines $225
7-8 ft B&B pines $300
8-10 ft B&B pines $400
10-12 ft B&B pines $600
Call for more prices and availabilities at 215 651 8329

Our White Pine Trees
Jamie showing off his trees.

Do you need help in planning or selecting a tree or shrub? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have Marge Hirst our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo.
what kind of plants you prefer...Evergreen...Natives...Flowering and he will do the rest.