We Sell 15 types of Pine Tree Transplants and Liners

WHITEBARK PINE... This Tree Grows To 60', Zone 3. Smooth gray white
exfoliating bark, twigs red yellow to orange-brown. Tendency to multi-stem
habit, shrubby on harsh sites. Large seeds are an important wildlife
food source. 1-3" seedlings are $1.70 each.

JACK PINE... This Tree Grows to 50-70', Zone 2. Northern most pine of North
America. Easiest pine to transplant, even on difficult sites. Used for
pulpwood and windbreaks. 9-15" transplants are $2.00 each

SWISS STONE PINE... This Tree Grows to 70', Zone 3. Extremely slow growth.
Tight pyramidal form with dense regular foliage makes a good plant for small
gardens. Blister rust resistant. Likes wet clay soils. 1-3"
transplants are $5 each

SIBERIAN PINE... This Tree Grows to 70-90', Zone 1. Extremely slow growth.
Narrow conical form with dense foliage. Likes wet clay soils. Edible seeds.
Grows in bogs in native habitat. 1-3" Transplants are $2.25 each

75', Zone 4. Tall slender tree with virtually no taper, thin bark with a
clean trunk. Quite ornamental when young. Important species in commercial
forestry. 6-15 inch transplants are $2.80 each

LIMBER PINE... This Tree Grows to 60', Zone 2. Young trees are conical
becoming rounded with age. Dark gray, deeply furrowed bark with age. Variable
species, native range from Alberta to Texas. We only have tiny
seedlings 1" at $1.60 each. Reserve larger ones for spring 2009.

KOREAN PINE... This Tree Grows to 40-50', Zone 3. Dark green, winter
Dense, pyramidal, slow growing, one of the most useful pines
northern gardens. 6-12" are $5.00 each.

BOSNIAN PINE... This Tree Grows to Zone 5. Compact dwarf growing 3" to 6" per
year. Excellent for small gardens. One of Europes most common ornamental
pines. Well suited to dry or shallow soils. 6-9" transplants
are $4.50 each

WESTERN WHITE PINE-N. ID.... This Tree Grows to 90', Zone 5. Less spreading
than P. strobus, beautiful specimen, excellent for Christmas
trees. Seed was collected from trees that are phenotypically resistant to
blister rust. 6-9"seedlings are $1.70 each.

MUGO PINE... This Tree Grows to 8-10', Zone 2. The most common ornamental
variety of Mugo Pine. Our seed is collected from stands carefully selected and
recognized for their dependable ornamental form. We have 3'
transplants for $2.50 each, 3-6" transplants for $3.12, and 6-9" transplants
for $3.50 each

3-6'. The ultimate Dwarf Mugo Pine. Very drought tolerant, low, dense-compact
form. Grown fromseed gathered in the Maiella Mountains in central
Italy which is the preferred seed origin for low growing dwarf
forms. Our 3-6" seedlings are $1.75 each.

AUSTRIAN PINE... This Tree Grows to 50-90', Zone 4. Fast growing, widely
planted species in landscaping, along roads, for dense windbreaks or
screens and commercial Christmas tree plantations. Very adaptable to wind,
cold, smog, salt and from heavy clay to sandy soils. 3-6" transplants are
$3.18 each.

MACEDONIAN OR BALKAN'S PINE... This Tree Grows to 40-60', Zone 4. Slender
conical form, dense foliage, and often branched to the ground. Ideal for
small places. Slow growing, very winter hardy and a particularly
ornamental pine. Our 6-9" seedlings are $2.18 each.

PONDEROSA PINE-KOOTENAI... This Tree Grows to To 200', Zone 4. Fast growing
forest and timber tree. Frequently used as a rootstock for 3 and 5
needle pines. Our 12-24" seedlings are $2.65 each.

PONDEROSA PINE-SCOPULORUM... This Tree Grows to To 150', Zone 4. Black Hills,
SD seed source preferred for difficult, dry locations. Bark is
nearly black, deeply furrowed. Suited for ornamental, wildlife or timber
plantings. 1-2 ft plugs are $5.20 each.

SOUTHWESTERN WHITE PINE to 60', Zone 4. A five needle pine, ornamental in
itself, but may be used as an understock. Good for Christmas trees. Bright
blue needles. Our 6-9 seedlings are $1.90 each.

EASTERN WHITE PINE-LAKE STATES... This Tree is sold out till 2009...

EASTERN WHITE PINE-NEW YORK... This Tree Grows to 100-150', Zone 4. Native 5
needle pine with a variety of uses; Christmas trees, windbreaks, wildlife
habitat, or as an ornamental. Fast growing, adaptable.
Transplants easily in a wide range of soils. 9 to 15 " transplants are $2.50

SCOTCH PINE AUSTRIAN STRAIN... This Tree Grows in Zone 3-4. A fast growing
strain very similar to French Blue strain but from a higher elevation.
Recommended for colder, drier climates where French Blue may burn. Our 15-24"
seedlings are $2.00 each
We only ship these liners by Ups or on our trucks in the spring. If you need
them for a summer or fall planting you need to contact us and we will line
them out in 1, 2, or 3gal pots and hold them for you. We also grow
these on contract basis for cuttings and floral arrangement customers.

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