Our Maple tree Seedlings and Liners

ACER BUERGERIANUM- Trident Maple-To 25' Zone 5. Well known and valued for its
decorative exfoliating bark and strikingly brilliant fall color.
Attractive medium sized patio or street tree. Tolerant of pollution, smoke,
dust and some drought. Highly recommended. Preferred bonsai tree.
Sweating recommended. 3-5ft seedlings are $6.30-$7.20 each.

ACER CAMPESTRE- Hedge Maple- To 35', Zone 4. Ideal for clipped hedges or
screens due to dense growth. Normally a small tree with dark green foliage.
Will tolerate dry, alkaline soils. Sweating recommended. 18-24"
to 3-4 ft are $2.00 to $3.00 each.

ACER CIRCINATUM- Vine Maple- To 25', Zone 5. Northwest North American native.
Compact tree. Does well in shady areas. White and purple drooping
flower clusters with dense foliage. Red and yellow to orange fall
leaf color. Prized for landscape and screen uses. Shrub form.
Sweating recommended. 12-24" transplants are $3.20 each.

ACER GINNALA- Amur Maple- Shrub or tree 15-20' Zone 3. Good for specimen or
screen requiring little care. Very hardy and tough. Dense foliage,
bright red summer fruit, fragrant flowers, vivid scarlet autumn color makes
this an excellent ornamental. Shrub form. Sweating recommended. 12-18"
to 3-4' transports are $4.60 to $8 each.

ACER GINNALA 'BAILEY COMPACT'- Bailey Amur Maple-To 8', Zone 3. Very hardy,
finer branched, more compact form of Amur Maple. Introduced by
Bailey Nurseries, Minnesota. Sweating recommended. 3-4 ft are $12 each.

To 20', Zone 3. A superior Montana color selection for truly the deepest fall
red of Acer ginnala seedlings which, in our opinion, is better than
USDA Flame. Sweating recommended. 2-3-ft are $6.40 and 3-4ft are $8.00

ACER GINNALA 'CAMPFIRE'- Campfire Amur Maple- To 20', Zone 3. Fall color with
the bright red-orange glow of a campfire. A Lake County Nursery 'ZAM'
Introduction. Royalty of .60 per plant included. 2-3 ft are
$11 and $13 each.

ACER GINNALA 'CHEYENNE'-Cheyenne Amur Maple- To 25', Zone 3. A superior
selection by Clayton Berg from a Cheyenne, Wyoming source. Selected for
brilliant orange to red fall leaf color, robust vigorous growth, salt and
cold tolerance. Limited availability. Sweating recommended. 2-3 ft
seedlings are $3.20 each, 3-4 ft seedlings are $4.00, and 4-5 ft seedlings
are $4.50 each.

ACER GINNALA 'EMBERS'-Embers Amur Maple- To 20', Zone 3. Outstanding fall
color and bright red seed samaras are features of this shrubby, spreading
form Amur Maple introduction by Bailey Nurseries of St. Paul,
Minnesota. Sweating recommended. 3-4ft are $12 each.

ACER GLABRUM - KOOTENAI - Rocky Mountain Maple- 6-24', Zone 4. Deciduous
shrub, small dwarf tree or clump. Very ornamental; dark red twigs, fruit
tinged red, yellow fall color. Partial shade and drought tolerant.
Sweating recommended. 3-4 ft are $12.00 each.

ACER GRISEUM - Sold Out till 2009

ACER HENRYI- Henry Maple- 30', Zone 5. Rare trifoliate maple native to central
China. Dark green leaflets often take on a purplish cast in
summer. Fall color beautiful yellow with red. Multi-trunk habit. Sweating
recommended. 12-18" are $5.60 and 18-24" are $6.60 each.

ACER MACROPHYLLUM-Big leaf Maple- 40-95' tree, Zone 5. This is a big Maple
with big leaves. Broad, dense shade tree. Native West Coast from Alaska to
California. Bright yellow or orange fall color, spectacular in cool areas.
Fast growing. Resistant to Oak Root Fungus. Sweating recommended. 6-12" seedlings are $1.20 each.

ACER MONSPESSULANUM-Montellier Maple- To 35', Zone 5. Adapted to warm, dry
conditions better than most Maples. Upright, pyramidal habit. Attractive
small, three-lobed leaves, reddish seed samaras. Full sun to partial shade.
Popular bonsai specimen in Europe. Sweating recommended. 12-18"
seedlings are $3.00 and 18-24" seedlings are $3.80 each.

ACER NEGUNDO-Box Elder- 50-70'tree, Zone 2. Recommended for conditions of
extreme drought and cold. Will thrive anywhere! Fast growing shade tree.
Sweating recommended. 18-24" seedlings are $2.60, 2-3ft seedlings are $3.12
and our 3-4ft seedlings are $3.50 each.

ACER PALMATUM- Japanese Maple- 15-25', Zone 5. Well known and one of the most
desirable Maple species with many uses in the landscape. These
seedlings, grown from a green-leafed strain, are most often used as rootstock,
but are also used for landscaping. Sweating recommended. 18-24"
Transplants are $7.40, 2-3 ft transplants are $10.00, 3-4 ft are
$12.00, and 4-5ft are $13.50 each.

ACER PALMATUM 'ATROPURPUREUM'-Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 15-20', Zone 5.
Red-leafed strain offers exceptional contribution to any landscape. Our seedlings
are grown from seed collected from variety 'Bloodgood', which is
well known for its brilliant red color; however, some genetic
variability may be present. Sweating recommended. 2-3 ft transplants are
$14.00 each, 3-4 ft transplants are $16.00 each

ACER PENSYLVANICUM-Stripped Maple-or Snakebark Maple-
To 40', Zone 4. One of the most striking small Maples. Shade loving shrubby
northeast North American native tree. Brilliant golden-yellow fall color.
Smooth green, striped white bark turns reddish in winter. Excellent
landscape specimen. Partial shade and moisture tolerant.
Sweating recommended. 12-18" are $6.60 each

ACER PLATANOIDES- Norway Maple- Rounded tree 60-70', Zone 3. Standard street
and park tree. Dense dark green foliage. Bright yellow autumn
color. Very adaptable, tolerating many soil and climate conditions. Not
recommended for New England. Sweating recommended. 2-3ft transplants
are $6.00, 3-4ft transplants are $9.10 and 4-5ft transplants
are 10.70 each.

ACER RUBRUM 'OCTOBER GLORY' To 45' Zone 3. Broad, round head, one of the last
Red Maples to color in fall, deep reds/purples. Will tolerate mild
winters and hot summers better than most Red Maples. Royalty of .50
included. Sweating recommended. 18-24" liners $14.50 each.

ACER RUBRUM 'SUN VALLEY' To 25', Zone 4. Outstanding, consistently red fall
foliage color, peaking in late October. Symmetrical, oval crown.
Seedless selection. Best growth in moist, slightly acidic soils. Great lawn or
street tree. Leafhopper resistant. U.S. National Arboretum release.
Sweating recommended. 18-24" liners are $13.50 each.

ACER SACCHARINUM 40-100', Zone 3. One of the fastest growing native American
Maple species. Should reach 10 to 12' when 4 to 5 years old.
Graceful habit with silvery bark. Tolerates wide variety of soils, but reaches
the largest size in moist soils. 2-3ft transplants are $3.30 each.

ACER SACCHARUM - Sugar Maple - Ideal sturdy shade tree, 60-120', Zone 3.
Largest native Maple. Extensive commercial value for wood and syrup. Gorgeous
yellow to scarlet fall color. Sweating recommended. 2-3ft seedlings are
$3.50 each.

We only ship these liners by Ups or on our trucks in the spring. If you need
them for a summer or fall planting you need to contact us and we will line
them out in 1, 2, or 3gal pots and hold them for you. We also grow
these on contract basis for cuttings and floral arrangement customers.

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