Our Fir Tree Seedlings and Liners

ABIES ALBA-European Silver Fir- To 160', Zone 4. Dark glossy green needles,
two silver-white bands beneath. Upright, pyramidal habit.
Europe's traditional Christmas tree. Native to the mountains of central
and southern Europe. Commercial source for essential oils and resins.
Extraction source for essential oils and resins. 12-15"transplant are
$4.40 each.

ABIES BALSAMEA- Balsam Fir - 75', Zone 3. Eastern U.S. native from mountainous
regions. Popular Christmas tree. Does best in colder regions
with acidic, moist soils. 9-12"plugs are $2.60 and 15-18" plugs
are $3.80 each.

ABIES BALSAMEA PHANEROLEPIS- Caanan Fir - 45 to 75', Zone 3. Preferred
Christmas tree variety selected for late bud break, fast growth and heavy
lateral branching. Fragrant foliage also used for cut boughs. Better
adaptability to poorly drained, cold sites. 9-12" plugs are $2.60
and 15-18" plugs are $4.60 each.

ABIES BORISSI-REGIS - King Boris Fir -To 180', Zone 5. Naturally occurring
hybrid native to Bulgaria, Balkan Peninsula and Greece.
Potential for Christmas tree production in warmer climate locations. Dense
branching with closely spaced 1" long needles. 3-6" seedlings are $1.80 each.

ABIES BORNMUELLERIANA - Black Sea Fir - To 150', Zone 6. Beautiful ornamental
and Christmas tree in warmer, drier areas where most true fir
won't grow. Naturally dense, conical growth habit, retains lower
branches to ground. Dark green glossy needles. Very limited quantities 12-15"
are $4.80 each.

ABIES CEPHALONICA- Greek Fir- To 120', Zone 6. Native to the mountains of
Greece and adjacent eastern Mediterranean countries. Sharp, medium green 1"
needles. Prefers moist, well drained limestone soils, also grows on
rocky outcroppings and sandy soils. Useful for light timber and pulp
production. 6-12" transplants are $4.20 each.

ABIES CHENSIENSIS- Shensi Fir- To 165', Zone 6. Narrow upright form, dark
green glossy needles combine to indicate ornamental landscape potential. Truly
a "collectors item" from southwestern China. Limited supply of 3-6"
seedlings are !.64 each.

ABIES CONCOLOR-LINCOLN NF- Lincoln White Fir - 120', Zone 4. Excellent
ornamental and for Christmas trees. Withstands heat and drought better
other firs. Soft silvery needles. 18-24" transplants are $7.20 each.

ABIES FIRMA- Japanese Fir- 60' to 150', Zone 6. Best in cool, moist summer
locations. May suffer damage in spring frosts. Sharp, light green needles.
Broadly conical form needs plenty of room. Also known as Momi Fir. Slow
growth, tolerant of southern heat. Phytopthora root rot resistant. 1-3"
seedlings are $1.40 each.

ABIES FRASERI- Fraser Fir- 40', Zone 5. Among the most elegant of conifers.
Slow growth rate. Shiny needles, compact habit. Excellent
Christmas tree, recommended for commercial plantations. 6-9" plugs are $3.20
and 15-18" plugs are $4.40 each.

ABIES GRANDIS-SEAR'S CREEK- 200', Zone 4. Glossy, dark green to bright green
needles. Native throughout the Northwest. Often planted for
commercial Christmas tree plantations. 9-12" transplants are $2.80 each and
18-24" transplants are $4.20 each.

ABIES HOLOPHYLLA- Manchurian Fir - 75' to 150', Zone 5. Native from Korea to
Manchuria. Similar in appearance to European Silver Fir and Japanese
Fir. Glossy green needles, new growth pale green. Considered to
be an attractive park tree. 1-3" seedlings are $1.40 each

ABIES LASIOCARPA- Alpine Fir- 60-90', Zone 3. Beautiful North American native,
form is a narrowly upright spire. Dark blue-green needles. Slow
growth. Tolerant of heavy snow loads. Occurring across a wide native
range - Alaska to New Mexico. Naturally neat, manicured appearance. 3-9"
seedlings are $4.00 each.

ABIES LASIOCARPA ARIZONICA- CorkBark Fir- To 40', Zone 5. Dense, pyramidal
form, corky white bark and blue-green to blue-white needles set this
attractive ornamental apart from the species. Native to mountains of
Arizona. 6-9" transplants are $3.80 and 15-18" transplants are $6.00 each.

ABIES MAGNIFICA SHASTENSIS- Shasta Red Fir- 150', Zone 6. The "silver tip"
Christmas tree. Needles grow vertically on stately, open branches. Note:
Our founder, David Lawyer (1906-1995), won the Sierra Club race to
the top of Mt. Shasta in 1925, a record that stood for almost 50 years.
6-9" seedlings are $1.20 each.

ABIES NORDMANNIANA-AMBROLAURIA- Nordmann Fir- 100-150', Zone 4. Densely
branched from the ground up, 20' wide. Shiny, dark green needles, whitish
beneath. Outstanding ornamental. Important species for commercial
Christmas tree production. 9-15" transplants are 4.40 each.


We only ship these liners by Ups or on our trucks in the spring. If you need
them for a summer or fall planting you need to contact us and we will line
them out in 1, 2, or 3gal pots and hold them for you. We also grow
these on contract basis for cuttings and floral arrangement customers.

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