Eastern Red Cedar Tree Prices::

Potted 3 gal Eastern Red Cedars are $30each

Picked up prices in Fountainville Pa

4-5Ft B&B RedCedars $130
5-6 Ft B&B RedCedars $165

12-15 inch transplants $5.00
15-18 inch transplants $6.00
18-24 inch transplants $8.00

We can pot up these plants $5.00 each extra in 3 gal and $8.00 in 5gal pots. Call for more prices and availabilities of other trees at 215 651 8329

We can deliver and plant as well...We will do one tree or a hundred. .Do you need help in planning or selecting a tree or shrub?
Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your