Blueberry Liner Prices:

We can mail order to you the following Blueberry plants in bundles of 10. Our supplies are limited so please order early. Price does not include ups to your location.

Blueberry Bluecrop 18-30" (early-mid) $11 per plant

Blueberry Blueray 18-30" (early-mid) SOLD OUT

Blueberry Earliblue 18-30" (early) $11 per plant

Blueberry Jersey 18-30" (early) $11 per plant

Blueberry Northblue #1 (late) $11 per plant

Blueberry Northcountry #1 (late) $11 per plant

Blueberry Northsky #1 (late) $11 per plant

Blueberry Patriot 18-30" (early) $11 per plant

Do you need help in planning or selecting a tree or shrub? Why not email us a picture of the site and let us give you choices for your landscape? We can also have John Murray our in house designer give you a free landscape plan based on the photo. Just let us know
what kind of plants you prefer...Evergreen...Natives...Flowering and he will do the rest.