Our Equipment and Trucks

When we have a job that requires us to send a crew to your site, this is our truck we will send. It can carry a staff of 5 to your site. Plus lots of trees and shrubs. It can carry up to 4 pallets of stone as well. It can get into rough areas. It has 4WD.
Our Largest Truck F550 Dump truck Crew Cab with 4WD.

This truck also can carry 4 pallets of stone as well. It is specially designed to have fold down sides to allow easier loading and unloading of trees and shrubs as well as stone on pallets. This truck will carry up to 2 persons to your job site.
Our F550 Dump truck  with Crew Cab. Fold Down Sides and with 4WD.

This truck small pickup truck is used for deliveries of pickup or less quantities of materials.
This truck will carry up 3/4 on a ton of materials at a time.

While at your site if you need debris hauled away, we will do that as well. We have 3 dumpsters at our Fountainville location and we can dispose of your debris there. We also have a large chipper and stump grinder that is mounted on one of our Bobcats.

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