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Highland Hill Farm has been raising Norway spruce since the farm began to plant trees. The Norway spruce or picea abies which is its Latin name has always been a great in the landscapes of the northeast. The first use of Norway spruce was as a wind block. The old farmers would plant them in rows about 50 to 100 feet from their homes and barns. The Norway spruce grows into one another makes a nice wall. This would reduce the wind speed around the area and keep the animals and buildings warmer while allowing the sun to hit and heat the building.

Spruces On Our Tree Farm

Today the norway spruce is still used as a wind block but there are many more reason to plant it. Many times home owners close to main roads will plant the norway spruce for two reasons. First, the norway reduces noises and lights from the road so the residents can sleep better at night. Second, the norway can act like a fence and slow down out of control cars down.

Besides blocking wind, noise, and lights, the norway spruce is a beautiful plant. The new growth is called candles and when the norway is older, the inside candles start to hang downward making it look majestic. The new candles is a bit lighter green than the older candles but overall it has a nice dark green needles.

The norway spruce likes full sun and moist well drain soils. However, the norway spruce can tolerate most soils. It transplants well in our ball and burlap because they have lots of surface roots. If you have any more questions about site location just e-mail us a picture and description of the area or call us! We love to hear from you!

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We have balled and burlapped Norway Spruces ready for your pickup. They range from 3' to 10'. We also can sell seedlings in the spring. Seedlings come in a box and is UPS to your home or location that you wish to have them planted. Depending on the size of the seedlings that you order depends on how many come in a bundle. The larger the seedling, the less in a bundle. The smaller the seedling, the more in a bundle. Make sure to cut the roots correctly and plant them correctly.

We also offer Norway Spruce in liners. These are much better for homeowners who only want five to ten plants. With liners, please follow proper planting rules and score the sides of the roots and please take pot off of plant. Very poor results when planted with pot still on!!!! They can be order just about any time of the year. They can be shipped but it is best to pick them up at our nursery. Please, PLEASE call before coming out to pick them up. They are not at the store front.

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