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Landscaping New Construction

The single biggest problem facing people who buy a new home is soil compaction.

Suggestions For New Construction Plantings


We raise over 10 types ofViburnums on our farms from seedlings to 5' shrubs. If you have poor soils due to compacting from construction, try viburnums. Being rugged and hardy, they perform where other plants fail.American Cranberry Bush ,Korean Spice,Blackhaw ,ArrowwoodViburnum ,Chicago Luster,Dawn,Summer Snowflake, Shasta,Erie,Tea,Judd,Korean Spice, Praque,and Siebold.


When you say "New construction", I always think of lilacs. These plants are versatile, and durabile. These flowering shrubs have many uses in the home landscape. They are used as corner planting,wind screens, hedges. The soft delicate flowers of lilacs are on some of the toughest plants. Lilacs can survive to -60 degrees f. Many peoples thoughts of lilacs go back to their Grandma's and Pa's house where plants only survived if they could be neglected. They bear old memories for lilacs have been with us for years. Pruning these plants is all that is needed to keep them in shape. These plants range in size from 3' to 10' and come in many colors such as purple, magenta, blue, white, and violet. We usally have a large selection for you to choose from.

  • French Lilac
  • Korean Lilac-Miss Kim
  • Chinese Lilac
  • Common Lilac
  • Donald Wyman
  • Peking Lilac
  • Large Clump Ivory Silk Lilacs