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Leyland Cypress

Our Leyland Cypress Trees For Screening We Grow In Bulk

Leyland Cypresses We Grow On Sale

About Our Leyland Cypress Trees

Left alone, Leyland Cypress grows to a height of 40 feet.

Our 5-6ft Leyland Cypress Trees

 5-6 ft Leyland Cypresses

Leyland Cypress are EZ to grow..

Comparing Our 2-3ft vs 3-4ft Leyland Cypress Trees

 2-3 ft vs  3-4 ft  Leyland Cypresses

Leyland Cypress have branches that grow upright and do not droop. They are an evergreen tree, and the foliage is generally blue-green in color. It does not produce flowers, but it will produce cones.

Call us at 215 651 8329
We grow Leyland Cypresses in Bulk.
 Potted Leyland Cypresses

  Leyland Cypresses
Known for fast growth rate of around 3 feet per year, the Leyland Cypress Tree is perfect for those looking for privacy or nice property line barrier. Leyland Cypress is a hardy plant that grows to be up to 40 feet tall in most areas.
 Our Leyland Cypresses
We sell leyland Cypress Trees for screening. Call Jamie Hirst Now at 215 768 9229.
Leyland Cypresses For Screening
We grow these trees in bulk. We have them for 2-3 ft to 18 ft tall. We also sell liners for growers as well. Good for zone 6 landscapes. Call 215 651 8329 with questions about your screening tree needs.

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