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Hedges and Hedging Plants Grown By Highland Hill Farm

Highland Hill Farm has been growing hedges and hedging plants since the farm has started. Hedges and hedging plants are used for blocking neighbors without forfitting much of your back yard for the plant to grow on. Most hedges and hedging plants are upright in growth. Many types of plants are used in hedges. For example the emerald green arborvitae grows only 3 to 4 feet wide and makes an excellant hedge. On the other hand, the elangtissma arborvitae can be 6 to 7 feet wide. Each type of arborvitae has strengths and weakness. Take time to read into each type of hedges and hedging plants to see which one is best for you or you call e-mail your situation. We love to hear from you! We do sell many plants that are used in making hedges..

Here are several types and links to see videos of these plants....

Dragon Lady Hollies

Burning Bushes

Boxwood ......

Arborvitae ......

See our Nursery and Tree Farm video here


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Our Most Popular Arborvitae the Green Giant
The Green Giant is our most popular arborvitae. People have traveled from New York and from Virginia to buy these arborvitae. If you have a brown thumb, these are the plant for you!

Some of the common varieties available at Highland Hill Farm (not all listed):
We deliver and plant anywhere on the East Coast. Large trees, plants, arborvitae, green giants, emerald greens, viburnums, burning bushes. We do landscaping and hardscaping. We raise oaks, maples, dogwoods, hollies, natives, wetland plants, wetland plantings, rough areas, dry locations, hemlocks, junipers, serviceberry, apples, fruit trees, Rocks, boulders, flagstone ...we carry it all. Buy from a grower and save.
This dense, compact, 3' green arborvitae is carried by many growers. This arborvitae is not deer resistant. Their maximum height is about ten to fifteen feet. It retains its color through out the winter.

Arborvitae - Were Ready To Load Your Truck! We May Also Be Able To Deliver and or Plant For You!!!

Yes, we have the ability to deliver and plant most of our trees and shrubs. We can deliver to most areas and in many cases we have the staff to plant the stock for you.
See How We Dig Many of Our Arborvitae. We can also sell and install watering systems to help you maintain and establish your plants. Call us at 215 651 8329 ... or if you have any questions.

Reingold Arborvitae 8 to 10 inch liner

This Reingold Arborvitae can be sent by UPS.
Thuja occidentalis 'Holmstrup'
These are our 5-6' Holmstrups Balled and Burlapped
European Bright Gold Arborvitae 12 inch liner

This European Bright Gold Arborvitae can be sent by UPS.
Thuja occidentalis 'Holmstrup'
This dense, compact, green arborvitae is not carried by many growers. We report that 'Holmstrup' is deer resistance and we know deer. Their maximum height is about ten feet. It retains their color through out the winter.

To order , please Email Us or call us at 215 651 8329

Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald Green'
This dense, compact, 5' Balled and burlapped green arborvitae is carried by many growers. This arborvitae is not deer resistant. Their maximum height is about ten to fifteen feet. It retains its color through out the winter.

Green Giant 12 inch liner

This Green Giant can be sent by UPS. A 25 tree order costs $10 per tree plus tax and shipping by UPS.

We Deliver and Plant...Call 215 651 8329 For a Quote


Our Large American Arborvitae

Thuja American in Field

These are 7-10' tall in the field.

See our photo gallery of Arborvitae at our farms

The genus Thuja contains about 6 species world-wide native to North America [2] and Asia [4]. The word thuja comes from the Greek thuia, an aromatic wood (probably a juniper). The word occidentalis means western, referring to the western hemisphere (New World).

Other Common Names: Abendlandische lebensbaum, albero della vita americana, American arborvitae, arborvitae, arbre de vie de l'ouest, Atlantic red cedar, cedar, cedre blanc, cedro rosso dell'atlantico, eastern arborvitae, eastern cedar, eastern white cedar, gemeiner lebensbaum, gewone thuja, livstrad, Michigan white cedar, New Brunswick cedar, Noordamerikaanse levensboom, northern white cedar, swamp cedar, swamp-cedar, thuja, thuya de l'occident, tuia occidentale, tuya, tuya occidental, vanlig tuja, vitae, vit-ceder, western thuja, white cedar.

Distribution: Northern white cedar is native to Quebec (the Anticosti Islands and Gaspe´┐Ż Peninsula), New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, southwestern Nova Scotia and Maine, west to northern Ontario and southeastern Manitoba, south to southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Illinois, east to extreme northwestern Indiana, Michigan, southern Ontario, southern New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Also locally in central Manitoba and the Appalachian Mountains in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee.

The Tree: Northern white cedar trees normally reach heights of 50 feet, with diameters of 2 feet. Exceptional trees may reach grow 80 feet tall, with a diameter of 5 feet. The record is 113 feet, with a diameter of 6 feet.

Thuja American in Field


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We have thousands of arbs and always have hundreds ready for you to pickup. From 2' to 15' we have inventory balled and burlapped. Don't worry about driving long distances to get to us. We are easy to get to near Phila., on a major road, Rt. 313 in Fountainville Pa.. We want to move our stock and will make sure that you go home a happy camper. If you are coming from a long distance, we will give away free inventory that is surplus to our needs. One of our fields is being converted into ball and soccer fields and work will begin June 1, 2006. Stock in this field will go cheap. We will stay open til the last dog dies or we sell out. I think we have more stock than what we possibly can sell.

Our most popular Arborvitae is the Emerald Green arborvitae. The Emerald green is damaged by deer in many areas. If you have had this problem try using the Can-Can. Many people prefer to spell them Arbor Vitae . It is a bright light green color and narrow in shape. It makes a distinctive and impressive natural fence. It is easy to grow ,plant, and keep in shape.

The Hetz Midget arborvitae is a dwarf globe variety. This is a good choice for along walkways and gardens. This is a tough plant that is easy to install and not going to cost a lot. It will maintain its color in the winter and will withstand snow loads well. We carry these plants in 2 and 3 gal. pots.

Another small arborvitae that we grow in pots is the Rheingold arborvitae. This is a small globe shaped plant that has a golden green cast to it in the summer and a bronze winter color.
We also have the American Arborvita known as "Tiny Tim".This arborvita grows in zone 2 - 7. Its is a needled evergreen in the Cupressaceae Family. It will grow in height from a half a foot to 1 foot tall. Its spread will be about 1 to 1.5 feet. This is a plant that requires little work.
  • Planting Instructions for our nursery stock

    Full Sized Varieties Available at Highland Hill Farm

    This is a Nigra Arborvita about 12' high. Its single leader is unchanged by a 14" snowfall. All arborvitae and plants can be seen at our Fountainville Pa Farm!

    These are Emerald Green Arbs, about 3' high. Most of these are a single leader. We have these in quantity up to 6'.

    Emerald greens are easy to transplant..

    These Emerald Greens are 3-4' and starting to fill out well. These plants transplant easily. Arbs have masses of small fibrous roots which allows them to transplant at most times of the year. The Emerald Green has the best year round color, but is narrow in form. In real dry years this plant does not survive as well as the more open arbs such as the American, Techny, Nigra, and Elegantissma. This variety, because its foliage is more dense than other varieties, is less tolerant than more open cultivars. In an urban area with deer problems, this variety will be consumed before the next season. We have in stock and ready to pickup these arbs from seedlings (6-10") to 6-8' trees.

    This is an Elegantissima arborvitae hedge that we have used to buffer the street in front of our home. Note the strenth of this plant even with a heavy snow load. The only problem that this hedge has is salt spray from the road. Its a real sound barrier to a busy road which is only 18' from our door. The hedge is 15-18' high and only 4' wide. We have these arbs form 2-3' to 6-8' B&B.
    All arborvitae and plants must be sold as we are selling off 150 acres and must clean out the fields before the dozers arrive!

    We Deliver and Plant...Call 215 651 8329 For a Quote

    The Green Giant Arborvita

    The hardiness zone for the green giant arborvita is from zones 5 to 8. It is an evergreen with rapid growth rates that in ideal conditions can be up to 3 feet per year. Site requirements for the green giant is sun to partial shade, moist well drained soil but does well in clay, and needs protection from wind . Its texture is fine with its form conical being narrow to broadly pyramidal, reaching from 50 to 80' in height to 15 to 20 feet in width. The leaf is rich, green,with graceful foliage. It keeps its foliage color in the winter. the green giants flowers/fruit are .5" erect female cones. The green giant has strong wood, casts dense shade,and has cinnamon red bark when young. This arborvita does not tolerate salt spray. This arborvita should outlive even your children.