Leyland Cypress Foliage

The Leyland cypress forms a graceful pyramid, with dense pendulous branches and fine, feathery foliage. This foliage, on flattened branchlets, is dark green or blue-green and is small and scale-like. The fruit (cone) is small and brown, and creates no litter problems.
Leyland Cypresses are rapidly-growing evergreens when young. Leyland Cypress will easily grow three to four feet per year, even on poor soils, and will can attain a majestic height of 50 feet or more in the west, perhaps somewhat shorter in Pa. Leyland Cypress forms a dense, oval or pyramidal outline when left unpruned, but the graceful, slightly pendulous branches will tolerate severe trimming to create a formal hedge, screen or windbreak. The fine, feathery foliage of the Leyland Cypress is composed of soft, pointed leaves on flattened branchlets and are dark blue-green when mature, soft green when young. Leyland Cypress quickly outgrows its space in small landscapes and is too big for most residential landscapes unless it will be regularly trimmed. Although it can be sheared into a tall screen on small lots, Leyland Cypress should probably be saved for large-scale landscapes where it can be allowed to develop into its natural shape. Quarter acre lots are not suitable areas to plant the specimen tree or screening tree.