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*** Elegantissma Arborvitae ***

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We grow Elegantissma Arborvitae

We stock at least 200 or more Elegantissma Arborvitae in our nursery ready for pickup at any time. They will range from 1.5' to 6' and be balled and burlapped or potted. We also have field liners and seedling available. There are many more varieties of arborvitae available which we have in stock. If we don't stock the variety you want we will find it for you if possible.

This is an Elegantissima arborvitae hedge that we have used to buffer the street in front of our home. Note the strenght of this plant even with a heavy snow load. The only problem that this hedge has is salt spray from the road. Its a real sound barrier to a busy road which is only 18' from our door. The hedge is 15-18' high and only 4' wide. We have these arbs form 2-3' to 6-8' B&B.
An Exceptional Choice

The Elegantissma Arborvitae is easy to grow and usually has one single leader. It is wide at the base like a christmas tree. It needs more room to grow and thus can be spaced up to 6' apart in rows. It is used in applications where a tight fit is not important.