Dragon Lady Holly Hedge

This is hedge of Dragon Lady Hollies was planted by one of our subcontractors, Chris Orser Landscaping, in the Peace Valley Park of Bucks County. There are over 600 deer in this immediate area and this hedge has no signs of deer damage!!!!!

My son Michael with our 'Bakeri' Blue Spruce

This is one of the deepest Blue Spruces we have. This ornamental spruce is 4-5' tall and is a very slow grower and deer resistant!!!

************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Montgomery Blue Spruce on a standard

This is a top grafted Montgomery Blue Spruce on a standard. It is slow growing and mounded in shape. Deer don't like this plant. Pricing: 1-9 $130ea., 10+ $90 ea.
************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Always try and reduce deer herds. Fewer deer mean less browsing pressure. We once had a deer hunt where hunters paid 100 dollars each to a police gun fund for the control of deer on our nursery that is located next to Peace Valley Park. For weeks the control worked and deer damage was controlled.

Some people use soap bars. Leave the soap in its wrapper and drill a hole through the bar. Attach the soap bar with twine to a branch and allow it to hang 3-4' off the ground. Hang the bar away from the center of the tree. This will act as a natural repellent for deer. Use multiple bars for large nursery stock and trees.

Seedlings and Liners We Recommend

Red Osier Dogwood
Russian Olive
Rose of Sharon
Eastern Red Cedars Hollies Leucothoe
River Birch Trees Japanese Cedars
Blue Spruce trees Austrin Pine
We will sell, or sell and install tree guards We carry a full line of tree guards for small saplings and ornamental trees. We will sell them or sell and install them for you.

Green Giant Sale

Our most popular plant that we sell with great deer resistance is the Green Giant Arborvitae.

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