We Deliver and Plant in the Westchester NY Area

We are Highland Hill Farm. We have several trucks and crews and supply our trees and shrubs directly to our customers in the Westchester NY area. We have operations in Fountaiville Pa, Milan Pa, and in Herkimer County NY. Our main location in Fountainville Pa is about 2 hrs from Westchester NY. Here is a Mapquest link showing you a driving route to our tree farm from Westchester NY.
We are 97 miles from Westchester. When we have deliveries and planting jobs in Westchester we leave our farm at 4 am in the morning. Thus we beat traffic across the Tappan Zee Bridge well ahead of rush hour.
We pool orders so that we can deliver or deliver and plant both small plantings or larger plantings.

Other Services We Might Be Able To Offer

Small tree and shrub removal
Debris Removal
Tree and shrub transplanting
We also can supply stone, flagstone and mulches
Berm building and land grading
Full range of trees and shrubs from seedlings to large caliper stock
Materials for Patios, walkways and stone walls.
Mass Planting of seedlings for forest restoration or custom seedling planting.
Drip Water lines installed .