Our Suggested Spacing For Leyland Cypresses 4-5ft trees and our Drip Water Kit... Ct Customers

We are Highland Hill Farm. We have several trucks and crews and supply our trees and shrubs directly to our customers in the Central NJ area. We have operations in Fountaiville Pa, Milan Pa, and in Herkimer County NY. Our main location in Fountainville Pa is about 2 hrs and 30 min. from Stanford depending on the timer the day you depart. Here is a Mapquest link showing you a map to our tree farm.
We are 120 miles from Stamford.
We pool orders so that we can deliver or deliver and plant both small plantings or larger plantings.

MasaterPlant Tips Where to Plant Leyland... by dick81

About Our Drip Water Kit we Install

We have installed thousands of trees and shrubs for our landscape customers. We have found that soaker hoses are respondsible for many tree and shrub failing because they do not deliver an uniform amount of water along its lenght. As more hoses are added on to extend its range, the variation get worse. So we do not charge for this hoses when we install trees and shrubs as long as a reasonable amount of hose is used for the plantings. You will need to feed it with a garden hose.

Other Evergreens We Stock

3 gal White Pine and Spruce Trees

3-4 ft Green Giant Arborvitae Trees

3ft Emerald Greens

28-32 inch Helleri Hollies

2 gal Sea Green Junipers

Other Services We Might Be Able To Offer

Small tree and shrub removal
Debris Removal
Tree and shrub transplanting
We also can supply stone, flagstone and mulches
Berm building and land grading
Full range of trees and shrubs from seedlings to large caliper stock
Materials for Patios, walkways and stone walls.
Mass Planting of seedlings for forest restoration or custom seedling planting.
Drip Water lines installed .